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Stainless Steel Link Band for Apple Watch
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Titanium Apple Watch Band

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Features & Compatibility

Band Size (Fit Most):

– The 38mm/40mm/41mm Titanium band will best fit a wrist size between 135mm to 200mm.

– The 42mm/44mm/45mm/49mm Titanium band will best fit a wrist size between 140mm to 205mm.

Enjoy the sophisticated look of a quality titanium Apple Watch band from CXS Bands. This deluxe band features durable material and a sleek, yet masculine look. It installs in just seconds, allowing you to easily update the look of your smart watch.

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Main Features of the Titanium Apple Watch Band

The titanium iWatch band is a versatile band with a classy design, along with several useful features, including:

  • Durable material
  • Stays in place
  • Foldable links
  • Suited for men and women
  • Good for any environment
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Fits all versions of the Apple Watch

Keep reading to explore some of the highlights of the Apple Watch titanium band.

Durable Metal Titanium Band

All links, other than the two lugs, are made of real titanium. It is lighter than stainless steel but heavier than aluminum.

However, titanium is also more durable than steel. It has about 30% more strength compared to stainless steel yet weighs up to 45% less.

Stays in Place on Your Wrist

Along with durable material, the titanium Apple Watch Series 9 band includes an upgraded design with more secure connectors and a double lock buttoned diver’s clasp to keep the band from loosening or sliding on your wrist. It stays in place, making it a good choice for those with an active lifestyle.

The durability of the band and the clasps also keeps it from coming unattached from the Apple Watch. It can resist about 15 kg of lateral slide-out force, giving you extra security when wearing your watch outside or during physical activity.

Foldable Links for Increased Flexibility

Unlike other Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 watch bands, the titanium band includes links that fold up to 180 degrees. Many other metal straps are not foldable. This keeps them from providing a comfortable fit and conforming to the shape of your wrist.

The foldable design of the titanium band ensures a snug fit against your wrist. It also increases the overall strength of the band, as it limits stress on the individual links.

Perfect for Men and Women

The masculine design helps make this Apple Watch Ultra titanium band perfect for any man. Yet, the smooth metal look may also appeal to women that are tired of dainty bands. The robust design works well for men and women alike.

The titanium metal also helps give the band a futuristic style, helping it to stand out without drawing too much attention. It is also made without nickel, unlike stainless steel, which makes it more hypoallergenic and less likely to cause skin irritation for those with allergies or sensitive skin.

Strong Enough for Almost Any Environment

The highly resilient titanium Apple iWatch band is a good choice for almost any environment. You can wear it as part of your daily wear. It is also sophisticated enough to wear at the office or any business setting.

Yet, the durability of the band also ensures that you can wear it in rugged environments, including when diving or engaging in other water sports.

In fact, the band is perfect for underwater use, as titanium is made of an oxide film that keeps it from rusting or corroding.

Available in Several Different Finishes

Choose from four different colors. The Apple Watch Ultra titanium band 49mm and 41mm options are available in titanium, silver, gray, or black. All options include the same high-quality titanium material and stylish design.

The available color choices are all neutral, allowing you to wear them with almost any outfit or on any occasion.

Easy to Install and Remove

The titanium Apple Watch band is easy to add to your device. You simply press the band release button on the Apple Watch to remove the old band.

You then slide the lugs on the end of the titanium band into the ends of the Apple Watch until you hear a click. After clicking the band into place, you do not need to worry about it falling off.

Fits All Versions of the Apple Watch

Whether you have an Apple Watch Series 9, Ultra 2, or an older version of the Apple Watch, the titanium band is sure to fit your device. The band sizing includes two options to fit any Apple Watch.

When ordering, choose the size that matches your version of the Apple Watch – small (38mm to 41mm) or large (42mm to 49mm). The smaller size is best suited for wrists measuring between 135mm and 200mm. The larger option fits wrist sizes between 140mm and 205mm.

Order a Titanium Apple iWatch Band

Get ready to upgrade your Apple Watch with the titanium band available from CXS Bands. We offer free shipping, fast delivery, and guaranteed safe checkout.

The titanium Apple Watch band is significantly more durable compared to aluminum. It has a sturdy feel and a nice finish. The design of the band helps keep it in place and from sliding around your wrist. It also conforms to the shape of your wrist for a comfortable fit.

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Titanium Band for Apple Watch

Titanium Band for Apple Watch


Band Material: Stainless Steel
Buckle/Clasp: double lock buttoned diver’s clasp
COMPATIBILITY: Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 1

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38MM/40MM/41MM, 42MM/44MM/45MM/49MM

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