acquired the domain, which was the website for an activewear label based in England. Here is a closer look at the acquisition and the businesses involved.

About UK-Based Activewear Label was the official website for a brand called “SukiShufu.” The luxe activewear label specialized in making premium sports fashions for women. The company’s clothes were made using the finest fabrics, giving women more comfort when working out.

The company’s signature faux leather paneling was used in most of its clothing, including SukiShufu’s popular Suki Leatherback leggings.

SukiShufu received major recognition for its stylish apparel. British Vogue once stated that the company’s collection of workout clothes was both bold and sexy.
SukiShufu was founded by Caroline White. Caroline has been active her entire life, spending her time dancing, swimming, and teaching yoga. She even represented Australia during the Olympics due to her gymnastics talents. She eventually went on to launch her clothing label to give women a better option for their workouts.

Many workout clothes sacrifice comfort to give women more support. Caroline White’s collection demonstrated that workout clothes can be comfortable while still providing the features you need, such as breathable fabric and durability.
Along with leggings, SukiShufu released a variety of shorts, tops, and other workout clothes. SukiShufu was most active between the years 2011 and 2016. However, many of the pieces released by the company are still available for sale through third-party retailers.

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The Apple watch bands from CXSBands are known for providing a combination of durability and comfort, which are a couple of traits often used to describe clothing from SukiShufu.

What Happens Next for CXSBands and SukiShufu?

CXSBands acquired the domain as part of its goals to expand to more in-depth related fashion fields beyond Apple Watch Bands. Stay tuned to the website for the latest updates and product selections.

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