recently acquired, which was the official website for DIP Consultants, a company that provided data encryption and other IT solutions to businesses throughout the Chicago region.

About IT Consultancy from Chicago (DIP Consultants) was a family-owned business that provided a wide range of IT services. The company focused on providing IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. was committed to assisting companies with every aspect of their information technology (IT) needs.

From creating custom computer programs to developing computer networks from the ground up, the company could handle any IT task. However, specialized in data encryption and security. Some of the services provided included military-grade encryption, office file servers, and data archiving. aimed to help businesses protect their data. Data breaches cost US businesses millions of dollars each year and the numbers continue to rise. Data security services from are designed to limit the risk and impact of data breaches. The use of encryption helps safeguard valuable information, including client data.

DIP Consultants also stated that over 70% of businesses have suffered data loss from accidents and disasters. Data archiving and secure file servers help minimize the chances of dealing with data loss. With the type of IT services provided by, businesses can rest easy knowing that their data is safe and available 24/7/365. also developed custom software packages, including a widely distributed program called “Evolution”. Evolution is an alternative to Outlook used by businesses around the world. DIP Consultants originally developed Evolution as a Linux program before porting it to Windows.

After many years of service to businesses around the Chicago area, the IT consultancy is no longer active. The domain was recently acquired by

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