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Leather Apple Watch Bands for Men and Women

Shop for luxurious leather Apple Watch bands for men and women. CXS Bands is the leading source for fancy Apple Watch bands. Choose from a wide range of leather bands to suit any occasion. All bands feature the same high level of craftsmanship.

With elegant designs and a classic appearance, leather bands are the perfect way to complement your Apple Watch. Our bands are designed for 100% compatibility, from Apple Watch Series 1 to the latest Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9.

Browse our selection or explore some of the advantages of our leather Apple Watch bands for women and men of all wrist sizes.

Discover the Joy of Leather Apple Watch Straps

Compared to other natural materials, leather stands out for its durability. With proper care, a leather band can last a lifetime. It may be the only watch strap you’ll ever need for your Apple Watch.

As a natural material, leather can stretch and mold over time to provide a custom fit for the wearer. These characteristics help make leather one of the most comfortable choices for a watch band.

Compared to other choices, leather is one of the softest watch straps and is least likely to cause discomfort.

An Apple Watch leather band also works well with almost any style of clothing and for any occasion. With the right leather band, you can pair your Apple Watch with any outfit. While people often think of leather in various shades of brown, our leather bands come in many styles and colors, including two-tone leather iwatch bands.

How to Choose the Right Leather Apple Watch Strap

Choosing the best Apple Watch leather strap depends on several details. Here are some of the things to pay attention to as you compare watch bands:

  • Size
  • Colors and style
  • Ease of use

Size is one of the main considerations when shopping for fancy Apple Watch bands. You need to consider the length of the band and its compatibility with the size of your Apple Watch. Our bands are made to fit all wrist sizes.

Our leather bands are also made to work with any Apple Watch. You can choose from 38 mm/40 mm/41 mm and 42 mm/44 mm/45 mm/49 mm sizes.

The Apple Watch Series 9 comes in 41 mm and 45 mm case sizes. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the largest of the smartwatches from Apple with a 49 mm titanium case.

The color and style of the watch band should also factor into your buying decision. Many of our leather watch bands are available in an assortment of colors. Along with traditional colors, such as brown and black, you can find leather bands in a range of bright colors and designs, Including our latest arrival of leopard apple watch band.

You should also consider the type of closure or buckle used to secure the watch band. Leather bands may use a buckle, clasp, or magnet. Magnetic buckles are often the fastest to open or close. However, some may prefer the security of a traditional metal buckle.

All watch bands are easy to install. You can quickly remove the old band and add your new leather strap in just seconds without any special tools. After installing the band, you can adjust the length to ensure the perfect fit on your wrist.

Shop High-Quality Apple Watch Bands for Women and Men

At CXS Bands, we have a growing inventory of quality Apple Watch bands made from a variety of materials, including leather. Our leather bands are among our best sellers due to the durability and appearance of the classic material.

Along with leather bands, we have a wide selection of Apple Watch bands for women and men. All products are made with the highest quality materials to ensure that you receive the best value. You can rely on our bands to keep your Apple Watch in place while adding more style to your ensemble.

Shop for leather Apple Watch bands today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Watch Leather Bands

Check out the following answers to frequently asked questions to help with your search for the best leather Watch band.

Are Leather Apple Watch Straps Made with Real Leather?

Yes, unless otherwise noted, our leather iWatch straps are made with genuine leather. Leather is strong, flexible, and durable. Leather watch bands are stitched to prevent fraying and can last a lifetime with good care and occasional cleaning. Most leather bands also include a buckle closure.

Are Leather Bands Waterproof?

Leather is a porous material and not the best option when swimming or showering. Water draws natural oils out of the leather, causing the material to become stiff and brittle after it dries. While leather can get wet, you should avoid submerging it in water.

How Do I Add a Leather Watch Strap to the Apple Watch?

You do not need any special tools to install your new leather strap. Press the band release buttons on the back side of the watch and slide out the old band. Insert the new band on each end of the watch. You should hear it click into place.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Leather Watch Band?

Remove the straps from the Apple Watch. Wipe the leather clean with a dry cloth. If the straps are dirty or stained, you can wash them with a damp cloth and a few drops of soap.

Dampen the cloth and add soap to the cloth. Gently wipe the leather straps using a circular motion. After cleaning the straps, rinse them under running tap water. Continue to rinse until all the soapy residue is gone.

Dry the straps as best as you can using a clean, lint-free cloth. Do not attempt to dry the leather straps using a hair dryer or direct sunlight, as the heat can dry out the leather, causing it to warp and become brittle.

Try to clean your leather straps at least once per week. If you wear your watch during workouts or situations where you get sweaty or dirty, you may need to wash your straps more frequently to keep them from getting too dirty. With proper care, your leather apple bands should last a long time.