Top 15 Fancy Apple Watch Bands in 2024

Fancy Apple Watch Bands

Apple watch bands are famous for their class and elegance. If you are looking for a fancy Apple watch band in 2024, below are the top 15 fancy apple watch bands you can get in 2023.

Deployment Buckle Leather Band $34.99

Deployment Buckle Leather Band

When talking of fancy Apple Watch bands, we must mention the Deployment Buckle Leather Band. At only $34.99, you enjoy the Hermes-style design with easy-to-adjust sizes, comfortable wear, and durable materials. Since the band is 100% leather, these straps are timeless and luxurious, unique, and elegant.

The standout feature is the unique metal buckle design that features additional reinforcement for a more secure fit. There is no risk of the buckle coming undone while wearing your Apple Watch. You can also choose between brown and black leather to suit your tastes.


Fish Scale Stainless Steel Bands $24.99

Fish Scale Stainless Steel Band

For only $24.99, you can get an Apple Watch band in rose gold, black, silver, and gold colors. Compatible with the Apple series 1 to 8 and Apple Watch SE, these bands have a distinctive fashion design with wear and corrosion resistance technology. Premium stainless steel undergoes several polishing processes, giving it a lustrous shine that brings you compliments wherever you go. The band slides onto your watch smoothly, and the attention to detail exudes elegance, making this band the perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

The small metal links resemble fish scales, especially as the light hits various parts of the band. The glimmering pieces are sure to draw attention to your unique timepiece.


Diamond Stainless Steel Bands $44.99

 Diamond Stainless Steel Bracelet Band

If you are looking for a fancy band to complement your look, this is the band for you. Made of rhinestone and 316 stainless steel metal, the band has a classic butterfly buckle and easy-to-wear features. The band comes with a resizing tool and manual. This Apple Watch band also features vacuum plating technology, which makes it wear and corrosion-resistant. You can even wear it on any occasion without worrying about clashing your outfit.

The stainless-steel links with tiny rhinestone diamonds give your Apple Watch some much-needed bling. As with the previous option, the light reflects off the band in interesting ways, helping to capture attention everywhere that you go.


Red Sandwood Metal Link Band $65.99

 Red Sandalwood Metal Link Band

Metal and wood are the best combinations if you are going for fancy and durable products. The red sandalwood metal link band from Apple watches uses 316L stainless steel metal with natural red hardwood. The design has no chemicals or paints for that authentic, beautiful, and stylish look. The ends lock precisely and securely, so you can go to any event in style.

Along with style, these fancy Apple Watch bands feature durable clasps. The unique folding clasp closes firmly to prevent you from accidentally loosening or unclasping the band.


Diamond Metal Bracelet Band $29.99

 Diamond Metal Bracelet Band

Our diamond metal bracelet band is another excellent choice for those who want more bling on their wrist. It instantly transforms your Apple Watch into an exciting, luxurious timepiece.

For only $29.99, you get a combination of stainless steel and durable, elegant crystals that are not only comfortable on your wrist but also look the part for your fancy Apple Watch. These bands, which have an attractive appearance and design, are suitable for any special events and parties where you must look fancy. You get a link removal tool for better size adjustment in a beautiful box.


Ceramic Metal Link Bracelet Band $34.99

Ceramic Metal Link Bracelet Band

Looking for a sophisticated band? Check out our Ceramic Metal Link Bracelet Band. It is a stunning addition to your Apple Watch, thanks to its stately appearance.

This one-of-a-kind fancies Apple Watch band features a combination of metal and ceramics. The cool and stylish design is comfortable to wear and delivers the fancy look that you want. It has the classic butterfly clasp and lugs that make it easier to secure the watch in place securely and precisely. For only $34.99, you can personalize your Apple Watch.


Milanese Loop Band $19.99

 Milanese Loop Band

The Milanese Loop Band features a series of tiny loops with a magnetic closure. The design is durable, sturdy, and stylish, making it a top recommendation for those who want fancy bands.

This band is among the fanciest Apple Watch bands you can own. The sleek yet minimal design with a breathable build makes it comfortable to wear, and the color collection is no joke. You can choose a band with premium stainless-steel material for only $19.99. The magnetic buckle safely secures the watch to your wrist while making it infinitely adjustable.


Single Tour Rhombus Pattern Leather Band $27.99

Single Tour Rhombus Pattern Leather Band

Elevate your style game with our Rhombus Pattern Leather Band. The unique rhombus design gives these straps a distinctive look for accessorizing almost any outfit.

These $27.99 fancy Apple Watch bands feature 100% premium, soft leather that indicates the best craftsmanship. The stylish, elegant, and fashionable leather bands are new to the market and have a stainless steel, polished buckle with anti-slip and sweat-resistant properties. The adjustable band sizes are ideal, making them suitable for classy men and women.


Contrasting Tone Leather Band $29.99

 Contrasting Tone Leather Band

If you prefer a classic look, you will enjoy our Contrasting Tone Leather Band. It features two layers of leather stitched together. The lighter color is on the inside, while the darker leather is on the outside.

A little contrast is always fancy if done right, and Apple did it perfectly. With these soft, genuine leather vintage texture watch bands, you experience elegance on another level. These accessories have a classic buckle, which makes your watch super comfortable.


Carbon Fiber Style Leather Band $29.99

 Carbon Fiber Style Leather Band

Introducing one of our top-selling premium fancy bands. The Carbon Fiber Style Leather Band is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, allowing you to easily personalize your favorite smartwatch.

Choose from black, brown, and green genuine leather with an excellent and dazzling design for your watch. This fancy Apple Watch band is designed to be stylish and attract attention to the elegance of its wearer. Premium-crafted leather is comfortable on your skin, and all this comes for less than $30. The stainless metal clasp is easy to install with adapters on both ends locking into the interface.


Stylish Resin Apple Watch Bands $39.99

 Stylish Resin Apple Watch Bands

Whether you want to upgrade your Apple Watch or replace a worn band, our Stylish Resin Band is a top choice. It is made with high-quality materials and features an attractive design.

Choose from emerald green, silky white, black, purple, and multiple colors for only $39.99. These very lightweight bands offer you a new, stylish look with their unique Italian resin upscale. These bands have a double press spring buckle with lugs that lock onto your watch precisely and securely. This fancy Apple Watch band is long-lasting and can complement all your outfits, from elegant to casual wear.


Ceramic Wristbands $29.99

 Ceramic Wrist Band

The sleek look of our Ceramic Wristbands is perfect for almost any setting. You can wear this band to the office, the gym, or around the house. It is a durable option with a premium look and an affordable price tag.

Between black and silver colors, you get unique, fancy, and reactive bands for your Apple Watch for only $29.99. These high-quality bands are lightweight and sweatproof. They are also comfortable and feel great on your skin all day long. The simple yet elegant look is why sophisticated men and women choose this band.


Tide Brand Printed Sport Band $19.99

  Tide Brand Printed Sport Band

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Tide Brand Printed Sports Band is built to last, even when worn during workouts. You can hit the gym in style without worrying about your watch falling from your wrist during rigorous physical activity.

Fancy does not end with evening dinner or when you only wear leather and metal straps; you can carry on your style with sporty, classic, and comfortable wear. If you want to bring your fancy Apple Watch band along, then the Tide Printed Band is the one you need. It consists of a soft and durable silicone material that brings you comfort in all activities for less than $16.


Double Buckle Silicone Band $14.99

Double Buckle Silicone Band

Silicone is one of the most popular choices when it comes to materials for watch bands. Compared to other materials, silicone is one of the most affordable options, yet it is also exceptionally durable. It is also easy to clean.

For only $14.99, you get to wear top-quality silicone material that lasts long, is breathable, and is smooth on your skin. The dense fabric drapes elegantly over your wrist, making the perfect addition to your fancy watch strap collection. The pin and tuck closure are also new and innovative and ensure that you have a clean fit.


Bohemian Style Nylon Bands $27.99

 Bohemian Style Nylon Bands

This list cannot be complete without the $27.99, super comfortable, stylish, and elegant Bohemian-Style Nylon Apple Watch bands. With a modern cut and unique look, these straps are the perfect accessories to customize your style.

Our Bohemian-Style Nylon Band is an affordable yet durable option with a distinct design. The colorful pattern should help draw attention to your Apple Watch. However, one of the main advantages of this nylon band is the comfort it offers. The nylon material is soft against the skin and unlikely to irritate when worn during a workout.


Frequently Asked Questions about Fancy Bands for the Apple Watch

Even with a list of the top fancy bands, you may still struggle to pick the best one for your Apple Watch. Reviewing the following FAQ about fancy Apple Watch bands may help with your selection.

What Should I Look for in Fancy Apple Watch Bands?

Some of the main considerations when shopping for a fancy watch band include the luxuriousness of the design and the size of the band. A fancy watch band should have a flashy or sophisticated look. It should also fit your specific Apple watch.

Are Fancy Bands Compatible with All Apple Watches?

The fancy bands available through CXS Bands are made to fit all versions of the Apple Watch, from Series 1 to the Apple Watch Ultra. However, you should check the size of the watch, as our bands come in two sizes to fit larger or smaller versions of the Apple Watch.

Can I Wash a Fancy Apple Watch Band?

You can wash any Apple Watch replacement band using a damp cloth and mild dish soap. Allow metallic bands to dry thoroughly to prevent corrosion. Daily cleaning with a dry, lint-free cloth is also recommended.

Are Fancy iWatch Bands Comfortable?

Fancy bands do not need to be uncomfortable. Soft materials, such as nylon and leather, ensure a comfortable fit. Metal, resin, and ceramic bands are also comfortable when adjusted to fit your wrist properly.

How Do I Replace a Fancy Apple Watch Band?

Press one of the band release buttons on the back side of the Apple Watch and slide off the connected band. Repeat this process on the other side. Slide the new band into place on both ends of the watch. Continue sliding until you hear a click.

Are Fancy Apple Bands Waterproof?

Silicone is one of the only truly waterproof materials for watch bands. Water cannot penetrate the material. However, leather, ceramic, metal, resin, and other materials are all water-resistant. You can get any watch band wet if you dry the band afterward.

Along with the bands, the Apple Watch is also water resistant. Older versions of the Apple Watch should not be submerged. However, Apple Watch Series 2 and later are designed to withstand water up to a depth of 50 meters.


A fancy watch band easily allows you to upgrade the style of your Apple Watch. Our fancy bands also come in a variety of designs to suit your tastes. You can shop for flashy metallic bands with crystals or rhinestones. We also have leather bands and other options with more understated designs. No matter your style, we have you covered.

Our selection also includes options for men and women. You can choose from masculine and feminine bands with luxurious designs.

When shopping for a fancy watch band, you should first check the size of your Apple Watch. Choose the band size that corresponds to the size of your watch to ensure compatibility.

You can now enjoy class and style from the different fancy bands listed above. They are affordable and designed to last long, which means you get value for your money while personalizing your style.

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