Top 13 Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing in 2024

Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing

The Apple Watch is quickly becoming a popular choice for surfers who want to track their surfing. The last few generations of the Apple Watch offer advanced health and activity tracking features, making it ideal for the surfing crowd.

The only problem is choosing the right band for your watch. With a wide selection of the best Apple Watch bands for surfing, finding the perfect fit requires you to compare options. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best choices.

Here are our picks for the 13 best Apple Watch bands for surfing in 2024.

Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop【Bans size can be customized】 $23.99

braided solo band for apple watch

The Braided Solo Loop watch band is a classic choice for those with an active lifestyle. Whether you’re surfing or jogging, the material stays comfortable against your skin and does not cause any chafing, especially when you get the right size. It has a loop design with a single band that connects to both ends of the watch. This means you do not need to worry about a clasp coming undone.

There are many different colors to choose from, including solid colors and patterns. For the most secure fit, you can add your wrist measurement when ordering.


Sport Apple Watch Velcro Band $19.99

Sport Loop Band

This next watch band uses Velcro instead of a buckle or a loop design, giving you an alternative to the most common types of closures. Unlike most other Apple Watch surf bands, you get a completely custom fit.

The band is made with nylon, which is water-resistant and a common choice for water sports. It dries quickly and shouldn’t chafe your skin. You can also choose from four different wrist sizes to better fit your wrist. Choose from super small to large. All sizes are available in 25 different colors. This is one of the best values available for a durable Apple Watch band.


Milanese Loop Band $19.99

Milanese Loop Band

The Milanese Loop band is one of the most stylish picks for the top Apple Watch bands for surfing. It has a unique look due to the intricately woven material. The mesh design also dries quickly, making it suitable for use in the water.

The sleek, stylish appearance helps this band stand out compared to some of the other options. However, it’s also practical, as you can easily adjust the strap. It features a strong magnet closure. As with a Velcro strap, you can get a completely custom fit, keeping the band from sliding on your wrist.


Solo Loop Band $22.99

Solo Loop band

The Solo Loop band is another classic choice, as it has a simple design that works in almost any setting. However, the main advantage is the loop configuration. It doesn’t have a buckle or clasp that could fail and allow the watch to fall from your wrist. It simply slides over your hand for a secure fit every time.

Choose from a variety of colors to personalize your Apple Watch. You can also choose from four different wrist sizes. Whether you have thin or thick wrists, you are sure to get a better fit.


Jumping Single Tour Band $25.99

Jumping Single Band

For something different, try the Jumping Single Tour watch band. It has a vibrant design that is sure to stand out when riding the waves. The band has a metal buckle and clasp with a double loop for securing the end of the band.

It features textile woven material, which is lightweight and skin friendly. The band is made for sporty people, as the material dries quickly and is unlikely to irritate the skin. It’s another waterproof design and is made with a permanent color that will not fade over time, making this a durable choice.


Magnetic Sport Silicone Band $21.99

Magnetic Silicone Band For Apple Watch

The magnetic sport silicone band stands out as a top Apple Watch surf band, thanks to its soft, durable material and secure clasp. It includes a magnetic clasp that you can undo in seconds. However, you don’t need to worry about it falling off during use.

The silicone material is also perfect for surfers, due to its water-resistant properties and flexibility. It dries quickly and withstands exposure to saltwater and UV rays. This silicone band is also one of the most stylish options and is available in a variety of colors. Choose from turquoise, white, starlight, orange, blue, light pink, gray, and black.


Ocean Diving Band $22.99

Ocean diving apple watch band

The ocean diving band was made specifically for diving sports, which also makes it suitable for use when surfing. It’s made with a high-performance elastomer with a distinct ridged design that helps keep the band from sliding on your wrist.

Other highlights include an adjustable loop and a titanium buckle. The materials are all corrosion-resistant, making them safe for use in the water. The combination of an adjustable metal buckle and stretchable material ensures that you get a perfect fit. You can also choose from over a dozen different colors, ranging from monochromatic to bright and vibrant.


Sports Waterproof Integrated Band $21.99

Sports Waterproof Integrated Band

Next up is another waterproof watch band made from silicone. The silicone material is lightweight, comfortable, and unlikely to chafe the skin when sized correctly. The design includes ridges and cut outs for increased breathability.

The band has a standard clasp, which some people may prefer over the loop design that is popular among surfers and the sports crowd. The clasp allows for a custom fit while keeping the watch secured to your wrist without worrying about dropping it. It also has a sporty look that should work well with your surfing attire.


Sport Camo Band $27.99

camo apple watch band

The sport camo band is made from silicone and leather. The combination of materials allows it to hold up well to repeated use and exposure to water. The inside of the band includes a silicone surface while the exterior is covered in leather, creating a great balance between elegant and sporty.

This option also features a standard clasp and multiple holes to ensure that you get a perfect fit around your wrist. You can choose from four colors and two sizes. The designs are perfect for men or women, with an attractive look that works well on any occasion, including when hitting the beach.


Nike-Style Sportive Band $19.99

Nike Style Sport Band

The Nike-style sports band is another great choice for those who prefer a normal clasp that you can adjust to better fit your wrist. The design may also help you feel more secure instead of frequently worrying about the watch coming undone.

As with all our recommendations, this watch band fits all versions of the Apple Watch. You can also choose from nearly 20 different colors and designs. Surfers may also enjoy the breathability of the material. The holes and silicone material help the bands and your skin dry quickly after getting out of the water.


Rugged Alpine Loop Band $24.99

Alpine Loop Bandfor Apple Watch

While most of the options so far have been made with silicone, this next band is made from two layers of textile woven together into a loop. The texture of the material helps keep it in place. Yet, it’s also very soft and comfortable.

This is one of the most durable watch bands for surfers. The quality polyester materials are more skin-friendly compared to many other options, which may appeal to those who frequently suffer allergic reactions to different band materials such as silicone. Along with rugged, yet comfortable materials, the band has a neutral design that is well-suited for men and women.


Sport Active Nylon Band $19.99

Active Nylon Apple Band

This nylon sport band is another top pick for a surf watch band, thanks to its lightweight, breathable material. The nylon band dries quickly and feels soft against the skin. Nylon is also easy to clean. If the band gets dirty, you can simply wash it clean to extend its life.

You have several colors to choose from, along with two sizes. It features a standard buckle clasp with an extra loop for securing the band. The clasp and loops add extra protection against the band accidentally coming undone when you are in the middle of riding a wave.


Leather Loop Band $22.99

Leather Loop Band

Leather isn’t the most common choice for watch bands for surfers, as the porous material can hold more moisture compared to other materials. Allowing the material to get wet and then dry in the sun could also cause it to become more brittle.

However, with careful use, leather stands out as one of the most comfortable choices. Just make sure that you dry it thoroughly after use. The material starts to create a custom fit around your wrist, becoming more comfortable and secure the longer you wear and care for it. Choose from five colors to suit your tastes.


FAQ About the Best Apple Watch Surf Bands

After comparing our picks for the best Apple Watch bands for surfing, you may still need help narrowing your selection. The following FAQ should help address your questions.

What Should I Look for in the Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing?

Some of the main considerations when comparing Apple watch band surfing designs include:

  • Material
  • Enclosure
  • Size
  • Style

One of the main details to look for is a water-resistant material. You want to ensure that the watch band is suited for use in the water.

An Apple surfing watch band should also have a secure buckle or other type of enclosure. The last thing that you want to worry about as you’re surfing is whether the band will come undone. This is part of the reason why loop bands are so popular for water sports.

Along with the enclosure, you need to pay attention to the size. A secure fit can keep the watch band from sliding around. If the band is too loose, your luxurious Apple Watch may slide off your wrist and into the ocean.

Style may also be an important factor when shopping for Apple Watch surf bands. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors to suit your tastes. You may even want to coordinate with your surf attire.

What Watch Band Material Is Best Suited for Surfing?

Surfers tend to prefer silicone and nylon bands. Almost all materials can tolerate water if the band is dried soon after getting wet. However, silicone and nylon can stay wet longer and dry more quickly.

Silicone and nylon bands are also likely to stay in place when surfing and engaging in other physical activities. Silicone has a rubbery feel while nylon has a texture that can help keep it from sliding on your wrist.

How Do I Install a New Apple Watch Surf Band?

Installing your new watch band takes just a few seconds. Place the Apple Watch face down on a soft cloth. Press the band release button to disengage and remove the old band.

Press the new band into place. You should hear a distinct click sound as the band locks into place. If you do not hear a click, press the band release button, remove the band, and try again.

What Size Should I Get for an Apple Watch Surfing Band?

Most bands come in two sizes to fit either smaller or larger Apple Watches. Smaller Apple Watches measure 38mm to 41mm in size. Larger watches measure 42mm to 49mm.

Some of our bands are also available in different lengths to accommodate thicker or thinner wrists. Remember to avoid getting a band that is too long, as a loose band may increase the risk of the watch sliding off.


You should now have no problem finding the right watch band. With 13 different watch band surfing options, there is something for everyone.

The main considerations include the material, the enclosure, the size, and the style. Silicone and nylon are popular choices for materials, as they dry quickly. Loop bands are also a common choice, as they are less likely to fall off compared to other types of enclosures. The sizing options are simple, as you mostly need to ensure that the band fits your version of the Apple Watch.

No matter which option you choose, you are sure to get the best value with CXS Bands. All options are durable, affordable, and stylish. Make your pick to add more style to your surfing getup.

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