Top 9 Best Apple Watch Bands for Sleeping in 2024

Best Apple Watch Bands for Sleeping

The quality of your sleep directly impacts your health, making it essential to get adequate rest each night. This is where the Apple Watch comes in.

The Apple Watch is a great device for helping to improve your sleep quality. It includes a variety of useful features, including sleep tracking, health monitoring, and more. With the sleep schedule feature, the watch tracks how much time you spend in each sleep stage, including REM sleep, core sleep, and deep sleep.

You get a detailed look at your sleep routine, helping you identify the issues that impact your ability to get a good night’s rest. However, if you plan on wearing the Apple Watch to track your sleep, you’re going to want a comfortable band. An uncomfortable or loose band could interfere with your sleep and limit the accuracy of the data collected by the watch.

Luckily, you can easily swap your current band for a new one. Here are our top recommendations for the best Apple Watch bands for sleeping.

Braided Solo Loop Band【Bans size can be customized】 $23.99

braided solo band for apple watch

The Braided Solo Loop Apple Watch band stands out as a clear top choice when wearing your watch at night. The material is soft, yet textured to keep it from sliding around as you toss and turn.

The braided material is also slightly stretchable. This makes it easier to get a snug fit while still allowing you to easily slide the band on and off, which is ideal for wearing an Apple Watch at night.

Along with a comfortable material, the braided solo loop band for Apple Watches is available in many colors and sizes. You can choose from four lengths for each of the two watch sizes for an even better fit.

As with other bands, it secures to the Apple Watch with connectors on each end of the band. You can quickly remove the band to switch to another option for daytime use.


Sport Loop Velcro Band $19.99

Sport Loop Band

The sport loop band for the Apple Watch is a top recommendation for wearing your device at night, thanks to the soft material. The nylon band feels soft against the skin, especially when you get the right fit. The band includes a Velcro closure that you can adjust to keep the watch firmly in place throughout the night.

The side of the band that touches the skin also includes extra cushioning, due to the double-layer nylon weave. The other side includes attachment loops for a custom fit. Nylon is also a lightweight material and highly breathable, which is useful for preventing your wrists from getting sweaty at night.

Choose from over 25 colors to match your preferences. The available color options include several dark colors, for those worried about a bright band interfering with their sleep.


Bohemian Style Nylon Band $27.99

Bohemian Style Nylon Apple Band

This bohemian-style nylon band is one of the best Apple Watch bands for sleeping due to its soft nylon material. The nylon has an incredibly soft texture that feels great against the skin, helping you to drift off to sleep.

It also has a secure fit, thanks to the stainless-steel buckle. You can make sure that the back of the watch is flat against your skin, ensuring that it gets accurate readings throughout the night. The buckle is available in black or silver. You can choose from two sizes to fit your watch.

As with many of the options for Apple Watch sleep bands, this band is also wonderful for use during the day. It has a decorative design that is sure to stand out.


Nike-Style Sport Band $19.99

sport nike style band

The Nike-style sports band was made for those with an active lifestyle, but it’s also one of the best Apple Watch bands for night-time use. This band will not slide around. It stays firmly in place, which ensures that the watch can accurately monitor your heart rate and sleep stages.

It is another comfortable band made with soft material. However, instead of nylon, this option is made with silicone. Silicone is less breathable but very lightweight and durable. To make the band more breathable, the design includes a series of holes, which helps keep your wrists cool at night.

It also fits snuggly against the skin and includes an adjustable pin-and-tuck closure for a clean look. Choose from 20 different colors and designs to suit your tastes.


Alpine Loop Band $24.99

Alpine Loop Bandfor Apple Watch

The Alpine loop band stands out as one of the comfiest bands for sleeping. It is made from two layers of textiles woven together to create a continuous piece. This reinforces the band, so you don’t need to worry about it coming undone or sliding around on your wrist as you sleep.

The closure is a G-hook, which slides easily into the loops of the band. You can quickly adjust the band before bedtime to ensure that it is tight against your skin.

The band is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch and comes in four different colors, including black and starlight – both of which are superb choices for nighttime use.


Milanese Loop Band $19.99


If you prefer a sophisticated look, the Milanese loop band may be one of the best Apple Watch bands for sleeping. It features a unique mesh design made from durable stainless steel.

The mesh gives the band a luxurious look and feel as it folds around the shape of your wrist. This is also useful when wearing an iWatch at night, as it keeps the device secure against your skin.

The band comes in two sizes and over a dozen colors. It includes a magnet closure, allowing you to remove or adjust the band easily. As with many of the options in this list, you may find that it’s the perfect option for wearing during the day or night.


Solo Loop Band $22.99

Solo Loop Band

The Solo Loop band is a classic choice for the Apple Watch and one of the best sleep bands. It has a stretchable design that conforms to the shape of your wrist, keeping the watch in place, no matter how much you toss and turn.

The band is made from a flexible silicone material. It is soft and comfortable against the skin, which is an important consideration when looking for a band to wear at night. Any discomfort could keep you from getting good rest.

The band is especially suited for use at night due to its “solo loop” design, which eliminates the need for a clasp or buckle. It has no overlapping parts, giving it a seamless design with no areas to rub against the skin or get caught on the hairs on your wrist. You can also choose from over a dozen colors.


Sports Waterproof Integrated Band $21.99

Sports Waterproof Integrated Band

This sports waterproof integrated band is made for use in the water or engaging in physical activities, which requires a secure closure. This is also an important feature when wearing a band at night, as a secure fit prevents the watch from falling off your wrist as you sleep.

The band is made from a soft silicone material. It is waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable. It includes additional cutouts and holes for added breathability. However, if you plan on wearing it day and night, you should remember to clean the band frequently to remove sweat and debris.

The closure includes a standard buckle and loop, allowing you to secure the band firmly against your wrist. Choose from seven different colors and two sizes.


Ocean Band $22.99

Ocean diving apple watch band

The ocean band was made specifically for divers and water sports but also works well as a band for sleeping. It features a unique design molded from a high-performance elastomer. The tubular geometry of the design helps it stretch securely around your wrist and keeps it in place throughout the night.

As with all bands from CXS Bands, it comes in two sizes to fit all versions of the Apple Watch. It also installs in just seconds.

The closure includes a standard buckle with an adjustable loop for a custom fit. You can quickly undo the band and remove the watch from your wrist if it gets uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

The band also comes in many different colors and patterns to suit your taste. Thanks to its durability, you may choose to wear it during the day and night.


FAQ About the Best Apple Watch Bands for Sleeping

Use the following FAQ for answers to common questions customers have about sleep bands for Apple Watches.

What Is the Most Comfortable Watch Band to Sleep In?

The most comfortable types of Apple Watch bands include soft material and secure closures. They feel soft against your skin yet remain tight and secure throughout the night.

If the watch slides around at night, it may wake you up and keep the Apple Watch from accurately recording sleep data. Choosing the right size and paying attention to other features of the band can help you find the perfect fit.

What Features Should I Look for in an Apple Watch Band for Sleeping?

Here are some of the main details to pay attention to when shopping for the best Apple Watch bands for sleeping:

  • The type of material
  • The type of closure
  • The size of the band
  • The overall style

Silicone, nylon, and woven fabrics are some of the softest materials for Apple Watch bands for sleeping. Leather and metal are heavier and less breathable, which could become uncomfortable at night.

When it comes to the closure, a loop design is the most secure. It eliminates the risk of a buckle coming undone. However, a buckle allows for a more custom fit, as you can easily adjust the length of the band.

You should also look at the size and colors. The size should match your Apple Watch – small (38mm/40mm/41mm) or large (42mm/44mm/45mm/49mm).

How Can the Apple Watch Help with Sleep?

The Apple Watch includes a sleep app that can create sleep schedules and help you reach your sleep goals. If you wear the watch to bed, it can track your sleep stages, making it easier to pinpoint what might be interfering with your sleep quality.

How Do I Buy the Best Apple Watch Band for Sleeping?

If you want a quality Apple Watch band for sleeping, order from CXS Bands today. We offer durable, comfortable bands with free shipping and fast delivery. Order today!

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