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15 Best Luxury Apple Watch Bands 2022

Since the introduction of the first apple watch in 2015, we have seen many innovations and additions to these wrist apparel, all with a goal of creating a one pack wearable technology. Today, thanks to apple watches, you can manage your day to day activities and monitor your blood oxygen levels with a flick of a wrist.

As Apple works hard to release new and improved watches, we strive to bring you the best luxury apple watch bands. Here, we have selected 15 of these bands from our collection to provide you with the opportunity of making a genuine style statement with your apple watch.

All the luxury apple watch bands covered here are excellent for men or women, for all apple watch series and small, midsize and oversize wrists.


The 15 Most Popular Luxury Apple Watch Bands in 2022:

Leather Link Watch Band for Apple Watch $34.99

leather link apple watch band
This is one of the best bands for me on this list. One of the luxury apple watch bands that will maintain a comfortable fit throughout the day. At least it comes in a wide variety of colors; hence it will seamlessly match any apple watch. Its nice professional look makes this band suitable for any occasion.


1:1 Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band $25.99

Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band

Just like any other braided solo loop apple watch design, this luxury band is stretchable and ultra-comfortable to wear. The 300D construction produces a band that has a soft and textured feel. With twelve color choices, you will easily find a perfect match for your apple watch.


Red Sandalwood Metal Link Band $65.99

Red Sandalwood Metal Link Band

If you are looking for elegance and beautiful design in an apple watch band, this option should not miss your list. There is no chemical substance applied to the wood; hence you are getting a safe band with a warm rustic look and a luxury fashion touch. A combination of natural red sandalwood and a metal link can never go wrong with any apple watch design. 


Python-Embossed Leather Band $29.99

Python-Embossed Leather Band

Couple your apple watch with this luxury band and elevate your look and feel on any occasion. The python color detail on this leather band is its major attraction point.


Modern Buckle Leather Band For Apple Watch $39.99

Modern Buckle Leather Band

With black, blue, pink and yellow shades, people may think you are wearing different bands while in a real sense, you know you are rocking this elegant and luxury apple watch band. A durable and comfortable to wear a genuine leather band that will vividly highlight your taste.


Metal Link Bracelet Band for Apple Watch $59.99

Metal Link Bracelet Band
You can be assured that you don’t know what the real value for your money is until you have this luxurious apple watch band in your apple watch drawer. This is a sturdy and durable band that is resistant to corrosion. The band is available in black and silver.


Deployment Buckle Leather Band For Apple Watch $34.99

Deployment Buckle Leather Band

Among the list of luxury apple watch bands covered here, this band has the best vintage look and a top of the pack Hermes style design. The unique buckle design makes it fashionable, while the brown or black straps make it an elegant and luxurious apple watch band.



Stainless Steel Bracelet for Apple Watch $59.99

Stainless Steel Bracelet

This stainless steel band is the true definition of luxury. As with any other stainless steel band, it comes with lugs on both sides to match perfectly with the apple watch interface. The gold and rose gold varieties seem more refined for me, but you can as well go for the black and silver options.


Leather Loop Band For Apple Watch $24.99

Leather Loop Band

At its price tag, contracted design style and fashionable craftsmanship, it is one of the luxury apple watch bands you will ever need. The band is lightweight, easy to install and remove and comfortable to wear and hence is the perfect option for sports.


Single Tour Leather Band For Apple Watch $27.99

Single Tour Leather Band

With six color options for this premium soft leather band, you can easily personalize your apple watch and make your statement on any occasion. The band is adjustable and very comfortable to wear.


Oily Leather Band for Apple Watch $27.99

Oily Leather Band
This is one of the unique luxury apple watch bands we have in our store. Perfect for men and women, this leather band will surely make you stand out among crowds. Secure your watch with this band will and people will surely recognize how much you value your wrist apparel.


Contrasting Tone Leather Band for Apple Watch $29.99

Contrasting Tone Leather Band

This luxury apple watch band boasts of 7 color options, some of which are combinations. This, coupled with its classic buckle, will refine your apple watch and highlight your serious unique taste.


 Stylish Resin Band For Apple Watch $39.99

Stylish Resin Band

Each piece of resin is carefully crafted to yield a band that is elegant and attractive to the eye. This, in addition to a variety of color options, guarantees flexibility in terms of the outfits you wear with it and the occasions you attend. The premium tortoise-tone resin is simple looking yet very attractive.


Ceramic Wrist Band For Apple Watch $29.99

Ceramic Wrist Band

Built with durable ceramic material, this is one of the luxury apple watch bands that will last the lifetime of your apple watch. The band is suitable for both men and women and is very comfortable to wear. Wear this with your favorite apple watch and make a professional statement on any occasion.


Transparent One-piece Loop Band for Apple Watch $26.99

Transparent One-piece Loop Band

If you want to add some highlights to your apple watch, this is the band you should go for. The band is soft and very chic and goes with absolutely any outfit. Its advanced groove design helps release moisture and improve airflow. With these characteristics, this is a must-have apple watch band for any tech-fashion lover.



With such a nice selection, you have no reason to have a dull rotation for your luxury apple watch bands!


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