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10 Best Designer Apple Watch Bands 2021

Since the advent of the smartwatch boom and the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2015, the wearable tech has become an essential for many people. Whether they want to connect it to their phones, manage their schedules, or track their health, they are very essential to Apple users. But despite their importance, most smartwatches have been accused of being unattractive.

Apple Watch Series 7 was launched recently, and designers have taken advantage of it to create stylish apple watch bands and straps for these watches. So, if you are looking to customize your Apple watch, then you will love our top picks below. They are attractive, durable, cost-effective, high quality, and will enable you to keep your watch in the best condition.

Top 10 Designer Apple Watch Bands of 2021


Leather Link Watch Band for Apple Watch $26.99


leather link apple watch band

If you’re looking for a watch band made from genuine leather and offers maximum protection, then go for this model. This luxurious watch band attaches to your wrist securely and offers a comfortable fit throughout the day. It’s very comfy and features fine workmanship plus quick slid-in-slid-out installation for more user convenience. Also, you will find it in different colors to suit different occasions.


Stylish Resin Band $39.99

resin apple watch band

The Stylish Resin Band is a skin-friendly and extreme lightweight watch band that is comfortable for all wearers. It’s combined with tortoise-tone resin and will give your Apple Watch a new look. Besides, it’s way lighter than stainless steel band and will last longer while in your arms. This Italian resin band is all you need to add style and color to your Apple Watch and make it to compliment all your outfits.



Deployment Buckle Leather Band for Apple Watch $34.99

Deployment Buckle Leather Band

Well, this product comes in brown color and features a unique style design. It’s made with 100% original leather, and its unique buckle design makes it fits most user wrists and also easily adjustable. It has lucked on both ends, which will lock your Apple Watch securely, and luckily, it is also way cheaper than most similar models.



Contrasting Tone Leather Band $29.99

Contrast Apple Watch Leather Band

From its name, this Apple Watch Band is made from genuine and soft leather that offers it a vintage texture. It comes with a unique buckle closure, which makes it adjustable and comfortable for the users. Besides, it has a long enough clasp pin that secures your watch well so that you don’t have to worry about it disengaging.



Oily Leather Band $27.99

Oily Leather Apple Watch Band

These Apple Watch 38mm/40mm watch bands are soft, comfortable, and have no cheap material in their make. They are also available in 42mm/44mm sizes and have a solid stainless steel buckle and a long clasp pin that secures the watch well without the risk of disengaging. It's also ideal for both men and women and can suit different occasions.



Leather Loop Band $22.99

leather loop apple watch band

Users who need a lightweight Apple Watch Band will find this model very handy. It’s easy to wear for sports and features admirable craftsmanship. Also, it's flexible to enable you to adjust it easily and comes in five colors to suit your personal tastes preferences. It is a more affordable option and will also do well with events such as weddings, Christmas, and thanksgiving days.



Dive Waterproof Silicone Band $29.99

Dive Waterproof Silicone Band

If you want to attend an exciting occasion next week, then you will find this waterproof model handy. It will give your Apple watch a sporty look while giving you the desired foot. It is waterproof, and you can enjoy deep diving up to 100 meters without worries of device damage. All these features are available at a user-friendly price.



Pride Edition Nike Style Band $19.99

Pride Edition Nike Style Apple Band

Pride Edition Nike Style Band is an ideal budget Apple Watch band and is made from a silicone material that offers optimum comfort to your arms wrists. It is easy to put in and tuck out for more user convenience. Also, they are available in stylish and rich colors that match any outfit you rock.



Sectional Design Leather Band $27.99

Sectional Design Leather Band

Sectional Design Leather Band has a unique vintage style from cowhide leather that is ultra-soft, wear-resistant, and super comfortable on your skin. Its buckle is made from high-quality stainless steel that buckles firmly in your hands and also features enhanced strength. It’s the ideal gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, and Valentine's day.



Sports Active Nylon Band $19.99

Sport Active Nylon Band

This Apple Watch band comes in a unique army green color and a smooth design that will catch the attention of others. Besides, it buckles well to ensure watch safety and is breathable and lightweight enabling you to wear it for long periods without feeling any discomfort.



If you’re looking for the best Designer Apple Watch Bands of 2021, then you will never go wrong with our top picks above. They are elegant, stylish, comfortable, and have features that protect your watch while ensuring you remain stylish.


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