Top 10 Best Apple Watch Bands for Swimming in 2024

Apple Watch Bands for Swimming

If you enjoy swimming, the Apple Watch is a perfect accessory. It includes features that you may find helpful, including the built-in workout app. However, you need to ensure that you pair the watch with the best Apple Watch band for swimming.

The best bands for swimming are made from materials that dry quickly and offer a secure fit. They also need to be corrosion-resistant.

To help narrow your options, we have compiled a list of the ten best Apple Watch swimming bands.

10 Best Apple Watch Bands for Swimming 2024:

Ocean Diving Band for Apple Watch $22.99

diving apple watch band

If you are a diver or a swimming enthusiast, consider wearing our specially designed diving band for the Apple Watch. It is made with a durable rubber-like material and includes corrosion-resistant titanium buckles. The buckles help keep the watch secure, even when facing the pressure of hitting the water during a dive.

For the perfect look at your upcoming pool party, this silicone strap doesn’t disappoint. The band is durable and comfortable, stylish and elegant design, comparable to the original Apple sport band.


Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band $23.99

Braided Solo Loop Band

Looking for a band that dries quickly and stays in place? Our braided solo loop band is a top choice, thanks to the 300D polyester made from 100% recycled materials and featuring durable braided construction.

The braided solo loop sports band that has a stretchable design that is comfortable to wear and slip off your wrist. With polyester braided around silicon thread, the band is perfect for your swimming classes as well as those sweaty summer afternoons. The lugs on both ends also make the installation of this watch easy-peasy.


Solo Loop Band for Apple Watch $22.99

solo loop band

The solo loop band is the traditional choice for those wanting the best Apple Watch bands for swimming. It is the only truly waterproof material for a watch band. It includes a single piece of silicon that secures to both ends of the Apple Watch, creating a continuous loop.

Made of liquid silicone rubber, this sports watch band is comfortable to wear and lightweight. Its stretchable design makes it unique and perfect for wearing on all occasions. It is both waterproof and sweatproof, so you can happily swim with it on.


Single Buckle Silicone Band for Apple Watch $13.99

Single Buckle Silicone Band for Apple Watch

Protect your skin with this stylish sport band for the Apple Watch. It is another silicon band, which means that it is naturally waterproof, making it a top choice for swimmers. It also has an adjustable design for ensuring that you get a tight fit, which keeps the watch from sliding on your wrist as you swim.

The apple watch swimming band is made of durable and soft silicone material, which can prevent skin irritation and bring you a comfortable wearing experience. A lightweight silicone band is perfect for all types of sports, including swimming. ​Moreover, it is durable, easy to wear, and slides off your wrist—and yay!—it comes with a 12-month warranty.


Jumping Single Tour Band $25.99

Jumping Single Tour Band

Our jumping single tour band is made from a durable woven textile material with vibrant designs. The material is water resistant but should be dried after each use. It also includes a corrosion-resistant stainless steel metal buckle for increased security.

This Apple Watch sport band comes in varied sizes and is suitable for any sporting event, thanks to its firm buckle and lugs that prevent the watch from falling out. It has an attractive design and stunning colors, which make it convenient for you to wear while swimming. Additionally, it is appealing to the eye, comfortable, and washable.


Rugged Alpine Loop Band for Apple Watch $24.99

Choose our rugged loop band if you want a soft, breathable band that can be worn in and out of the water. The material dries quickly and is unlikely to chafe your skin or cause irritation when damp. It can also hold up to frequent use, as it is made using two layers of textiles woven together for increased durability.

Getting your best look requires your Apple Watch to be strapped on an elegant band, and that is what the Alpine loop band does for you. It is colorful, durable, water-resistant, and sweatproof and has all the nice qualities you can think of. Besides, it makes a perfect gift for the holidays.


International Sport Velcro Loop Band $15.99

International Collection Sport Loop Band

Want to be able to remove your watch quickly? Consider getting our international sport Velcro loop band. The Velcro strap allows you to remove the watch or put it on in just seconds. You can also get a custom fit, as the Velcro design allows you to tighten or loosen the band to perfectly suit your wrist. It is also available at an incredibly low price.

Speaking of affordable, this band is a low-cost yet classy product that comes with multiple strips woven together to form assorted colors. The assorted color designs represent different countries. The accessory is durable, thanks to its attachment loops that are anchored securely on the reverse side.


Pride Edition Silicone Band $19.99

Pride Edition Silicone Band

Show support and pride with our pride edition silicon band. As with other silicon bands, you can wear it in the water. It also features bright colors and an innovative pin-and-tuck closure. The unique closure ensures a good, secure fit, so you can focus on your swimming instead of worrying about the watch falling off in the pool.

If you want to move around with pride and lots of colors, this band has you covered. It has several strips of silicon that come in assorted colors, including red, yellow, green, and blue. The comfortable and breathable material makes this watch suitable for wearing all day long. It is also durable, and that gives you absolute value for your money.


Ceramic Metal Link Bracelet Band $34.99

Ceramic Metal Link Bracelet Band

Stand out from the pack during your next swim meet. This Apple Watch band is made from metal and ceramic materials, giving it a distinct, fashionable appearance. You can also remove links using the provided tool for a custom fit.

This apple watch band deserves a visit to your upcoming corporate pool party, thanks to its fantastic yet professional look. It is sweat-resistant, durable, fashionable, lightweight, and comfortable. In addition, its stainless-steel clasp contributes to the durability of the band, and the black color is what your gentlemanly look needs.


Stylish Resin Band for Apple Watch $39.99

resin band

Tired of silicon and rubber watch bands? Here is another alternative. It is made with high-quality resin with a marbled appearance. Lightweight design, hypoallergenic properties, ideal for wearing while swimming.

This is a super stylish band that looks amazing. It is extremely classy, and has that comfortable look that can make your day, especially for ladies. Furthermore, it comes with a double-press sling buckle made of stainless steel that guarantees durability. With lugs on both ends, installation is effortless.


apple watch swimming band

FAQ about Apple Watch Bands for Swimming

After checking out our selection of the best Apple Watch bands for swimming, you may still need help narrowing your options. The following frequently asked questions about our watch bands may give you more insight.

What Is the Best Material for Apple Watch Straps for Swimming?

Silicon and nylon bands are popular choices for swimming. Silicon is waterproof, while nylon dries quickly. Woven bands and metal bands are also suitable for use in the water but should be dried afterward. Thick fabric bands may develop mold or mildew, while metal bands may corrode when left wet.

Can You Wear the Apple Watch When Swimming?

You can wear most versions of the Apple Watch in the water. The Series 1 Apple Watch is splash resistant and not intended to be submerged. However, most other versions are water resistant up to 50 meters. Apple also recommends using the Water Lock feature for added protection.

What Does the Apple Watch Water Lock Feature Do?

The Water Lock option locks the screen on the watch face, which keeps the movement of the water from accidentally activating the touchscreen. Without this feature, splashes or waves of water may hit buttons on the screen, resulting in unwanted actions.

How Should I Clean an Apple Watch After Swimming?

Turn off the Apple Watch before cleaning. Wipe the watch case and band clean using a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. You may need to dampen the cloth to remove dirt. You can use mild hand soap on most watch bands but not on the Apple Watch itself. Allow the watch and band to dry thoroughly before wearing.

Final Thoughts

You now have a variety of options when it comes to the best Apple Watch bands for swimming. Luckily, you cannot go wrong, no matter which band you pick.

All of the options discussed are perfect for swimmers, as they are made with waterproof or water-resistant materials. They are also durable and include secure closures or single loops, ensuring that your watch stays in place as you swim.

Some of the details to keep in mind as you compare bands include the size, colors, and designs. All options are available in sizes to fit any version of the Apple Watch. You can also choose from assorted colors and designs to fit your personality.

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