10 Best Apple Watch Bands For Larger Wrists 2024

Apple Watch Bands For Large Wrists

Do you have an apple watch, but you are going through hassles finding a comfortable band because of your large wrist? If so, it is your time to have great moments whenever your watch is on your wrist. Small and ill-fitting watchbands can be so frustrating and annoying, especially when your wrist is extra-large.

The good news is that there are plenty of luxurious Apple Watch bands on the market that can fit your wrist for comfortable wear but will not dent your wallet. For the best apple watch bands for large wrists, check out the following selection of cherry-picked bands designed to suit your tastes.

Here are our top 10 Apple Watch bands for larger wrists in 2024:

Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop Band (Wrist size can be noted) $23.99

braided solo loop for apple watch

Add fashion and design to your outfit with this distinctive and stylish braided solo loop band. This astounding band will make your Apple Watch look fashionable and outstanding among your peers. Your wrist will not be affected or bruised in any way, thanks to its soft nature that promises you a comfortable wearing experience. There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from to meet the needs of different wrist sizes.

A solo loop band is a great choice for those with larger wrists, as it offers a comfit fit. You simply stretch the loop over your hand without needing to worry about adjusting the band. It automatically provides a perfect fit every time.


Metal Link Bracelet Band $55.99

Metal Link Bracelet Band

Want to stand out? Try on our Metal Link Bracelet Band. It has a modern style with links made from a combination of stainless steel alloy materials. It should offer many years of use, thanks to the high-quality components.

The design of this large Apple Watch band is also stylish. It is crafted with finely finished stainless steel to prevent rusting for longer useability. You can easily adjust the size of these watch bands to fit the wrist properly. This band comes with a one-year limited warranty for maximum protection for customers.


Jumping Single Tour Band  $25.99

apple watch band

Introducing one of the top replacements for Apple Watch bands for larger wrists. Our Jumping Single Tour Band is crafted from high-quality materials and offers a comfortable fit.

Personalize your Apple Watch. The trusted stainless steel metal clasp buckle ensures stability. The buckle holds the band tightly to prevent it from falling off. It also has lugs on both ends of the band, which makes the user interface simple to use. The adjustable classic buckle clasp design of the wristband makes it suitable for users with big wrists! This brand has a warranty, so never worry about compensation if it fails within the first 12 months.


Leather Link Watch Band for Apple Watch $25.99

leather link band

Crafted from the finest leather, our Leather Link Watch Band offers a luxurious feel and a timeless design. It’s also available in several colors to suit your tastes.

If you have always desired a watch band that can give you a unique, fashionable, and professional look, this is the ideal band for you. It is made of quality pure leather and provides a perfect match for your Apple Watch. It has an easy installation and can match any outfit and be casual or professional. And you can freely adjust the length of this Leather Link Band to better fit your wrist.


Single Buckle Silicone Band for Apple Watch $13.99

Single Buckle Silicone Band for Apple Watch

You deserve to look professional and fashionable on any occasion, and this is what sport band promises you. This product will guarantee you 100% peace of mind as it comes with a waterproof feature. The feature makes it an excellent accessory for use in different seasons and on different occasions; whether it is a rainy season or a swimming adventure, you are good to go. The silicone and metal material used to design this brand gives assurance of durability, minimizing the hassles of frequent replacements.

Silicon is a waterproof material, making it the perfect choice for wet or sweaty conditions. Whether you plan on jumping in the pool or tracking your workouts with your Apple Watch, this is a top recommendation for those with active lifestyles.


Sport Active Nylon Band for Apple Watch $19.99Sport Active Nylon Band

Our Sport Active Nylon Band is another top recommendation for active individuals. It’s a durable watch band made from high-quality materials.

Installation is also a breeze. You can slide off your old band and add this one in just seconds, which also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The nylon material is weightless, making this kind of accessory ideal for sports. Sports Active Bands are durable as they are made of nylon components that are resistant to wear and tear. It is secure with a hole as you can lock it to prevent the watch from falling off the wrist.


Diamond Metal Bracelet Band $29.99

Diamond Metal Bracelet BandAdd some bling to your wrist with our Diamond Metal Bracelet Band. This stylish band is sure to draw heads due to the flashy metal and crystal links. It’s also a durable option with a thick design that looks great on larger wrists.

The Diamond Metal Bracelet Band is made of stainless steel, elegant crystal material, and an excellent finish to give your Apple Watch a stylish look. Some lugs are lockable on both ends. With the adjustable links, you can easily resize the band length to fit your wrist’s size. You can wear it and walk around comfortably because of its lightweight design.


Stylish Resin Band For Apple Watch $39.99

Resin BandHere is another big Apple Watch band for larger wrists. It’s made from resin, which is durable and lightweight. Choose from five colors to suit your taste. The available options include several solid colors and a multi-color design that is likely to stand out in any setting.

This Apple Watch extra-large band is skin-friendly and is weightless, making it comfortable to wear. The artificers’ resin has been used in polishing this band to bring more comfort to the skin. The availability of lugs on both ends of the bands increases the user experience as it is lockable to prevent it from falling off the wrist. With an adjustment tool, you can freely adjust the size of the band, allowing users with large wrists to use it with confidence. No worry about the warranty; if it malfunctions before the end of one year, you can return it for replacement.


Oily Leather Band for Apple Watch $27.99

Oily Leather BandThe luxurious look and feel of leather make cowhide one of the most popular choices for Apple Watch bands for larger wrists. Try our Oily Leather Band if you want something a little softer compared to the previous options.

The soft leather band gives your skin the soft touch it deserves. The product is made from eco-friendly materials; therefore, it does not have any adverse effect on the environment.

This accessory can fit both men and woman and make your apple watch outstand the rest. The band comes with a stable clasp pin that will hold your watch to the wrist without falling off. Easily adjust the band size to fit your big wrist perfectly.


Sectional Design Leather Band $27.99

Sectional Design Leather Band

Enhance the look of your Apple Watch with this refined leather watch accessory. The band is made of quality materials that grant it a comfortable and softer touch to your skin. It is highly stylish, sweat-absorbent, and a perfect gift for your loved ones.

The band features a metal buckle and multiple holes to ensure that you get a comfortable fit. You can make the band looser or tighter by adjusting the buckle instead of adding or removing links. It’s also likely to hold up to daily use, as leather is one of the longest-lasting materials available.


large bands for apple watch

Apple Watch Bands for Larger Wrists Buying Guide

You cannot go wrong when choosing a watch band from CXS Bands, as all options are made using premium materials. However, if you want the best big Apple Watch band for your wrist, pay attention to the following features:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Design
  • Material

Size is one of the first considerations when choosing an Apple Watch band replacement for big wrists. Check the size of your Apple Watch case and buy a band made for the same size. You may also find some bands that include wrist sizes, allowing you to choose a large or extra-large option.

The color and design of the Apple Watch band may be important when trying to accessorize. If you want your watch band to match certain outfits, you may find that certain colors or designs work best.

For example, a solid white or black band is often more versatile compared to a multicolor design. However, a multicolor design can stand out more and make more of an impact.

Another consideration is the material of the watch band. The most common choices for the material include ceramic, stainless steel, resin, nylon, and silicon.

Ceramic and stainless-steel watch bands often feature individual links that you add or remove to adjust the length of the strap. Nylon and silicon bands are often stretchable, flexible, and breathable, making them the best option for working out, swimming, and other physical activities.

Along with these details, you may want to consider the price of the watch band. Luckily, when you buy from CXS Bands, you are always sure to receive the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Watch Bands for Larger Wrists

Use the following FAQ to address any remaining questions or concerns about finding the best Apple Watch band for your larger wrist.

What is the Right Size Apple Watch Strap for Larger Wrists?

The right size Apple Watch band depends on the size of the Apple Watch case. The cases that measure 42 mm to 49 mm are best suited for those with wrists measuring 155 mm to 200 mm. Keep in mind that a smaller band may still fit a larger wrist but can appear delicate or dainty compared to a larger option.

How Do I Add a New Big Apple Watch Band?

The Apple Watch has band release buttons found on the back of the device. You need to press the band release button while sliding the old band out. Slide the new band until you hear a click. Repeat this process on each side.

What Is the Best Design for an Apple Watch Band for Big Wrists?

Many people with larger wrists prefer the single-loop design, as you can simply stretch the loop over your wrist. Others prefer the hook and buckle closure, which allows you to lengthen the strap by moving the buckle to the next hole.

Can I Wear a Smaller Apple Watch Band with Larger Wrists?

The bands designed for the 38 mm, 40 mm, and 41 mm Apple Watches should still fit wrists up to about 180 mm (about 7.09 in) in size. If you have larger wrists, you should consider moving up to the larger size Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch is one of the best accessories in the market. These accessories need fancy iwatch bands that make them a perfect touch to your wrist. But those who have large wrists often find it hard to find large Apple Watch bands that fit well. If you are one of them, put your worries aside because you are in the right place.

Our selection of bands provides the perfect solution for everyone, including those with larger wrists. All our bands are available in two sizes, including the larger size made to fit larger Apple Watch cases measuring 42 mm to 49 mm (about 1.93 in), which typically best fit wrists measuring between 150 mm and 215 mm (about 8.46 in).

Remember to consider your options and think about where and how you intend to wear your Apple Watch. With these details in mind, you should have no problem finding the best band for your wrist.

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